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The Team

Ashok Khinder, CEO and Founder of Green Stars SA Pvt. Ltd.

Vision. Innovation. Strategy.

Ashok oversees and manages the day to day operations of Green Stars SA. He is constantly working on ways to improve both the buying and selling experience on the site by implementing new and innovative ideas (most of them suggested by the sellers in our community). Ashok is also responsible for marketing and developing the Green Stars SA brand. Connecting buyers and sellers is of the highest importance. He has a clear vision for the future of Green Stars SA and is armed with the strategy and commitment to get there.

Ashok khinder

amit khinder

Amit Khinder, Marketing Director and Co-founder of Green Stars SA Pvt. Ltd.

Creativity. Ideas. Motivation. 

Amit is a perfect example of someone you would call an 'ideas man'. He is forever coming up with creative new ideas and initiatives for Green Stars SA. He is both a motivator and a motivated individual. As co-founder, he shares the same clear vision that our founder, Ashok, has. And that is to see Green Stars SA become the premier destination for buying creative, handmade works. And at the same time, provide sellers with a great looking shop front, industry-leading tools for their promotional needs, and the best value for money.

Sumit Khinder, Export Director of Green Stars SA Pvt. Ltd. 

Smart. Efficient. Invaluable.

Sumit is Green Stars SA lead site developer and is the person responsible for building and implementing all the new and exciting seller tools, such as Shop Customization, Widgets, Rearrange Your Shop etc etc, PLUS there is so much more to come. On top of that he works to improve current site features and the overall buying experience. Jess is smart, efficient and an extremely valuable member of our team.

sumit kumar

Meenu Khinder, Export Marketing Director of Green Stars SA Pvt. Ltd.

Kiran Khinder, International Marketing Director of Green Stars SA Pvt. Ltd.


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